The Manufacture Childéric

Our story

Being passionate of the equestrian world, Luc Childeric began in 1978 to learn his skills from an established master saddler.
In 1991 he created the ``Manufacture Childeric``which produces and markets high-end and made to measure saddles. It is by being in constant contact with sport horses and their riders that Luc forged and obtained his expert eye. When watching horses going freely he understood the necessity of making a saddle that would enable the horse to move as loosely and unrestrainedly as possible.

He creates a variety of models of saddles that allow the riders to achieve a perfect balance between equilibrium and comfort.  They are made to totally free the horses’ movements and actions  in all of the various equestrian disciplines. Riders then discover that working with their horse is as much giving than receiving and their communication becomes as graceful as a dance.

Our vision

Modern riding is a new philosophy,  it is necessary to combine respect and freedom with performance and technicality.  This idea embodies the search of a perfect harmony between horse and rider.  At “Childeric Sellier”  we analyse and study the horses’ behavior at work in order to improve the comfort of the horse and rider.  The saddle can therefore be forgotten and leaves place only to real connexion.